User "YouCan" is spamming via PMs:

Hello "tgreer"

Have you worked with Winforms? Do you understand how to use it with C# pretty well? Would you be interested in a position using UI, C# and Winforms development? I am not sure where you are located? This position would not be for corp-to-corp. You would also have to be eligible to work in the US for any employer.
Looking forward to hearing from ya!

YouCan has been warned that he cannot do this and if he continues he will be banned.

Spammers should be banned straight away!! (Almost all sites ban PM spammers on thier first spam)

Ah well..........

I have received precisely one notification that this user has sent an inappropriate PM, and DaniWeb rules dictate that the user is warned on the first offence and then will receive 5 infraction points if they continue with their bad ways. 10 points kicks in a ban.

Very wierd.........

Most sites ban striaght away on the first spam pm........ (Most ppl who spam (In pm or on the bases) dont come back after the 1st visit anyway)

Most sites will not tolerate the amount of "interesting" external links you provide either

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Ah man!!

Im sorry if i offend you Peter,i just post good things my friend :)

Most ppl who spam (In pm or on the bases) dont come back after the 1st visit anyway

So there's no need for an instant ban then... :)