Hi all,

This query from the Geeks Lounge has me wondering how others feel about the default settings for email notification. Dani has email notification set to Weekly by default, I believe, to avoid the chance of new members being 'flooded' with notification messages when they first join up. I, on the other hand, have always thought that on a site where people mostly join to get help with their problems, instant email notification for answers to their questions would be a big plus!

What do others think about it? do you think it's fine as is, should it be changed to instant, or should some other alternative be introduced? Please add your thoughts and comments.

It was set to weekly for a very long time for new members. The registration settings have recently been changed so that new members are subscribed daily by default now. Of course, you can always go into your control panel and change it to whatever you want for yourself :)




Just ignore the senile old bugger then, eh?