According to Information Week (July 25, 2005), Firefox is facing a release delay. The article mentions that the Mozilla foundation has delayed the release of the next major version of Firefox until September. The current version of Firefox is 1.0.6

Firefox is a major alternative to Internet Explorer, the default web browser for Microsoft Windows, and to Safari, the default web browser of Apple's Macintosh line. Firefox is the default web broswer for RedHat/Fedora Linux (and it may be the default elsewhere -- your author has not installed many other forms of linux to know for sure).

I personally enjoy using firefox due to it's speed, the ability to block pop-up windows (although some other browsers can now do this too). I also enjoy working with the configuration options that allow me to choose where to store downloads, how much cache size I want to work with, and the common configuration interfaces across platforms. I like being able to configure the web browser easily, and have it stay functional.

Some people have argued that Firefox will be a clean environment that is hack-proof and free of all trouble. That is not the case; I don't think there is any software package out there that is completely hack-proof, including a soda machine (fake money!). Firefox can still bring down a virus, can still be spoofed, but in my opinion, the risks are a lot smaller here than in Internet Explorer.

If you would like more information concerning Firefox, take a look at their website: If you would like to read more comments on comparing IE to Firefox, along with other Firefox news and information, visit

Thank you for reading my article. I'd like to thank Information Week for bringing this to my attention.

Hi, being a MozillaFirefox user since version 1.0.4 I'd like to add some of my thoughts about the latest update, through 1.05 to 1.0.6 .
As this Browser gains popularity some of the features I like are using the tabs, instead of opening a new window. Say your writing a reply to a post , or looking at a page on one part of a website, and want to refer back to other pages, it's as simple as right clicking on a link > selecting "new tab" from drop down menu, and the link opens in the same window, but in a tab at the top of the page. It's reduced the time I've spent fiddling around with multiple windows, and refering back to them. I've even been on multiple websites in the same window. Very handy indeed.

As FF user's probably all know, the recent release of 1.0.5 was found to have some problems. Credit is due to Mozilla for detecting these flaws immediately and releasing in the same week version 1.0.6.

There is a lot of scope to install extension's in Firefox, even an option to view certain pages in Internet Explorer if required. It's just a matter of searching out which ones suit your needs ! I have to say as far as security, I've found FF beats IE hands down. Sure there'll always be bugs in software, as with the security issues with Firefox's v.1.0.5 , but the browser war is certainly being won by alternatitives to Internet Explorer. The talk of a new version of IE , v.7 , later this year shows the pressure Microsoft's under to come up with a better browser .
Competition can only improve the quality of Browsers in the future, and as a result the user's will benefit.

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