This is probably only a problem for me, but ...

I just upgraded from Express to Outlook '03. I used express vs. outlook in the past due to the ease of managing my many email addresses. '03 has that capability.

When I create a new email from scratch, I would like outlook to display the account name it is using, just as it does if I manually change to an account other than default (i.e. "This Message will be sent via ACCOUNTNAME"). I can't tell you how many times since upgrading I've accidentally sent an email via my default account because I don't have that visual clue and am in a hurry.

I run a small online business and my sales address is the default account as that is most appropriate for the bulk of my email. But it's confusing, and a more than little embarrassing to send a message to someone I'm doing consulting work for using this account.

I doubt it's possible, but can I flick a switch somewhere and have the account always display?

As an alternative, and I don't know much about outlook rules, but could I write a rule that forces me to cofirm the address before sending? It would be a real pain, but would at least keep me from making this mistake over and over again, as I don't seem to be learning otherwise.

Don't think it matters for this question, but I'm on XP Home SP2

This isn't a fix for Outlook, but a viable alternative.

I junked Outlook a year ago for Thunderbird. Thunderbird does all the things I used in Outlook and does some things that Outlook doesn't. One feature I like, and might interest you, is that the composition window has a dropdown to select the account that you'll use to send the message. This allows you to easily check to ensure that you are sending from the correct account and allows for quick account changes.

I'll look at Thunderbird again, but I do like the integrated calendar, notes I can sync w/ my palm, etc. I thought Thunderbird was just an email client, but it may have more power than I remember.

Outlook express had the pull-down window, and I liked it. '03 does too, it's called accounts, but it doesn't display the name visibly.


I would LOVE to know the answer to this too. While I was in college appling for jobs, I sent an email to a recurter from, then name was Mr. X. hahaha. Needless to say, I could have used this visual cue you're talking about.


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