For those of you who aren't aware,
daniweb.com = site's homepage
techtalkforums.com = daniweb.com/techtalkforums/ = forum
dazah.com = daniweb.com/dazah/ = text exchange

Apparently the redirection for techtalkforums.com isn't working for me. I tried connecting via a proxy and it worked fine. I guess it's my cable modem connection. The redirection is currently being done by Network Solutions. Now that I have a dedicated server, I'm going to let it handle doing this. In the meantime, though, is anyone else experiencing this problem??

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It wasn't working for me earlier this morning. I've only just come back online and it's working fine now so it could be the DNS changing or it could be the fact that my PC decided to get a virus over night so my anti-virus is running in overdrive at the moment. (I'm not at my house at present)

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