There was a close call tonight! We almost lost most of our entire database! Luckily (after a few hours on edge) I was able to restore a back-up of a MySQL dump.

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gladdddd to hear that u were able to reload th back-up, but i have to ask - is the new layout due to the back-up, or is it simply a new layout? didnt see any posts aluding to another site redo...


Nope, the new layout wasn't due to the back-up. I was just anxious to try a portal layout and the newest version of YAPP portal system (based on the YaBB boards I use) was just released.

In fact, losing all of the messages had nothing to do with the portal layout at all. What had happened was I was tinkering around in the admin center and accidently clicked on "Delete all posts older than 30 days" !!

If you're anxious for reasons why I upgraded, visit the New Portal set up thread here

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