i couldnt think of anywhere else to put this so im goin to post here. anyway i was wondering if anyone else uses opera and if they have a problem changing there prefrences on google. i really like to have mine set to veiw 100 hits at the same time. but in opera it can never remember this. but i go into the preferences and it still says 100 then i hit save it it shows all 100 but then if i close the browser and go to google and search it goes back to the default 10 this is kind of bothering me. i can remember but i think im running into this problem at home to on my linux box but i know its happening at work on my windows 2000 pro computer. thanks for the help in advance.

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Sounds like a cookie problem.

It could be a caching problem. (If available, which I?m not sure it is in the free version of Opera) Go to File->Preferences->History and Cache, and specify ?Always? for ?Check Documents?, ?Check Images?, and ?Check Other?. This will make sure that Opera checks for the latest version of a page instead of just showing the cached version.

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