I'm having a major problem when I go online. I don't know if this has to do with anything, but when my phone line (56k) got busted and got switched, all full-screen Windows games, when run, would auto-minimize and, after closing the bar window (after minimize, trying to re-open it would repeat the same process), the Earthlink TotalAccess 2003 software (I think they are emulating AOL taskbars) would auto-close its taskbar, then shut down the Internet and close (the task icon would remain). I never could run Half-Life or Quake 3 anymore, but it really irritates me when I can't run StarCraft or any another (like the Age of Mythology demo) game. I don't think the total specs of my computer would actually matter, because the phone line switch and the sudden stop to all full-screen games were (to my opinion) seemed to link to each other, but oh well:

Windows XP Professional
1200 MHz Duron (Morgan model, I think)
ECS Elitegroup motherboard (SiS735 chipset : K75SA board)

Oh yes, and hi. =P

The obvious solution is not to use Earthlink's software and instead set up the connection through the network connections tool in control panel. You just need to know the phone number, username, and password. Then test the connection to make sure it works and uninstall Earthlink's software. That should do it for you if that's the problem.