It's VBA if you use Excel or Word
Its VB if you use Access

There doesn't seem to be a forum/topic for Microsoft Products, not that I can find, anyhow,

Bundling Excel into Visual Basic 4/5/6 is confusing many people, Questionewrs and Answerers.
Perhaps an addon to the forum/Topic
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We can't create a forum for every language, but this one is a catch-all for the languages that aren't explicitly mentioned. VBA is sufficiently different from VB 4/5/6 to go there, but other VB questions are probably better suited to the VB 4/5/6 forum or VB.NET.

VBA is specific to Excel. Word. Powerpoint for versions 2003 and earlier. Certain code structures from can be used in 2003. There is a compatibility update from Microsoft called Office SP3. Any user with Office SP2 should (must) use this update. is for ALL Microsoft products 2004 (if there was a version) and later.

VB6 is a standalone product.

VB6 in Access is part of Access. When people use Access, the userform it usually refers to are the Access ID etc.. You might be able to use the userform as a standalone form (without the Access links) but not without Access being installed on the users computer.

I'm unfamiliar with VBA but we do have an MS Access forum that falls under Databases. Additionally, there's a Windows Software forum under MS Windows for discussions of Excel (including macros, etc).