I have a suggestion for any forum that deals with job offers. How about locking posts that are more than a month old?

When I come to the forum I browse thru most of it. The only places I don't check very often are: software development, tech talk, and coffee house. Otherwise though, if there is a new post I see it. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to look through everything (yeah I know I don't have to) and that's if I'm not responding to posts (I try to help :)) So, when I look in the "Webmaster / Designer / SEO Job Offers" forum and find that someone has replied to posts that are over 2 months old, it irritates me that I took the time to look. Honestly, if you reply to a post about a job from 2 months ago, do you think you have a chance at getting it? No you don't. You are just spamming. AAAAYYYYEEEE!! maybe I should get some sleep.

Many new members don't look at the dates on the threads. I've seen some threads revived that are years old. However, depending on the subject matter, it can lead to some interesting points.

I agree that jobs usually aren't there two months after the fact...:rolleyes: