I have a brand new PC, AMD Athlon 3000+, Geforce 6200, Gforce ATX? motherboard, 1gb of ram, yada yada yada, but whenever I load up a game (Quake4, Doom3, F.E.A.R., Half Life 2), I can play for like 5-10 minutes then the computer screen freezes replaying the same sound over and over again. I'm guessing some of the hardware was damaged shipping, can anybody pinpoint what? (my guess is the hard drive was roughed up, so thats why I posted it in here). All help would be great.

nice box ! do you have any other problems with it ? cause it sounds like a software error . actually it sounds like a directX error . have you tried to uninstall all versions of directX then reinstall the most current version .

There also may be Driver conflicts try reinstalling the latest Drivers for Gfx Cards etc...

it's not a software issue, because i recently reinstalled everything, windows, drivers and all, so its got to be a hardware issue, does anybody know what hardware could've been affected?

The Graphics Card if you have an onboard one as well as a normal one disconnect the Normal one from the motherboard and use the onboard one to see if it is the gfx card.

possibly a heat issue of the graphics card and/or processor overheating?