I like the look. The operation totally bites though. As a primary example, it annoys me to no end that your collection of ads requires me to hit the back button on my browser multiple times just to move back to the last page I was viewing.

I'm also not terribly fond of the required tab navigation. Before, we could simply scroll and see all of the forums, but now, the confusing naming of your top level categories smacks us in the face while it could be ignored before. The only categories that give a good idea of what they deal with are Software Dev and Web Dev.

Thanks for the comments, Narue. :) Glad you like the style of it. The current complaints I got so far are that the navigation is too small, so that is the first thing I'm going to work on tweaking over the next week :)

As far as the ads, they are the exact same ads, managed by the same ad server, as I've been using since the very beginning of 2005. Can you be more specific as to what they are now doing differently?

If you want to see the listing of all of the forums, just click the "forums" link in the header (it has a dual purpose as the radio button in the search bar.) I know, I know, not terribly intuitive, but I have yet to find a good place for the links and I wanted to get them in at least a semi-convenient place at launch time.

I was thinking of renaming "Site Management and Internet Marketing" to "Webmasters" but nowadays that is almost a derogative term for Internet entrepreneurs and it could be confused with web development. I'm open to ideas.

Other features that I threw into the new design but have yet had a chance to really make them apparent / intuitive are that the link to who's online at the top of the sidebar is still forum sensitive as are daily and new threads. :)

Narue, I just experienced the ads timing out and preventing you from using the back button correctly. They are hosted by a third party so I'm going to go call up the NOC. Something must be down.

Another rather annoying issue:
When you go to the tutorials section it's impossible to post. You need to first enter an existing tutorial, click on the "click here to comment" link, then click back to the beginning of the tutorials section using the link on top (which is a different link from the tutorials link from the main page), and then you can post something.

All fixed. :)

Using the new Private messaging service is really annoying.The message box is so small and the Icons are small too.Not that Big deal,But Just thought of informing you.

I made the text box slightly bigger. However, it doesn't look very small on my end. Could you maybe reply to this post with a screenshot?

The main good feature of this design is that I don't have to scroll right every time I load a page. But I would prefer the old one with the navigation flipped to the right side.

Yes, Christian has yelled at me enough for not paying attention to the 800x600 users in the previous layout! :)

It says that the file is temporarily unavailable :(

There should be some error..Stupid Geocities.Try after sometime Sorry.

Yes, Christian has yelled at me enough for not paying attention to the 800x600 users in the previous layout! :)

That's interesting. I'm not an 800x600 user. But whatever.

You said scroll right to view a page ... I thought you meant because you were at 800x600 and therefore the full page wasn't viewable at once? :)