Hello forum memebers/moderators

I am siva ranganath from India, I have joined in this community with lot of exceptions but i am unhappy after posting a query about Shell script ,Its already two days back i had posted a query about simple issue but which is not yet resloved , As iam new to shell programming ,I thought this is the good community to learn but iam not satisfied.please don't repaeat such type issues again.

people who will approach this communites are in hurry only then respond immediately if anybody know the solutions.

Thanks & regards
Siva Ranganath.

I reviewed your two thread and see that you have not answered people's questions. We are not mind readers, not is anyone here clairvoyant. Would you go to an automobile repair shop and tell the mechanic "My car is broke. Fix it please.". Of course not -- you have to tell the mechanic what you think is wrong with it.

We at DaniWeb humbly appologize to you for being unable to read your mind or see your computer's monitor.

hello forum members,

I am sorry if disappionted with my mail,I am not expecting mind reading are miracles from this community,Just a simple reply because with this information i recived some replies from other forums.those help me to start my script but those are unclear that's why I expected a better solution from this forum but there is no benfit.
for my quesy atleast anybody from the forum give idea also i would be happy.

Pro tip: when posting in forums avoid use of words like "ASAP", "urgent", "plz plz plz" etc. in your post title or post content. Writing "ASAP" gives the members an impression that you don't care about the priorities of those who would be willing to help you out and sounds more like an order than a request.

Give out as much details as possible and try to communicate across the issue with minimum possible complexity. Rather than saying "I've got n files and I have to find out a pattern IP_ADDR in them", logically decompose the pattern and ask something like "I have a file with a single line IP_ADDR and I would like to read its value". Asking too much too soon results in disaster IMO.