Recently, whenever I try to visit any user's profile here on DaniWeb, I get an ugly and intrusive browser dialog trying to push Flash on me.

It's more than intrusive... it's very weirdly-worded.

You need Adobe Flash Player 8 (or above) to view the charts. It is a free and lightweight installation from Please click on Ok to install the same.

"Click on Ok to install the same"? To me, that doesn't sound legitimate. Though if it is legitimate, then it's still irritating.

System Specs: I'm running Firefox 3.6.13 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I'm running Noscript with only and having permission. I'm using AdBlock plus, and (of course) I don't have Flashplayer installed.

For your viewing pleasure, I've provided a lovely screenshot of the culprit:

Here is what is going on ...

We use a Flash-based charting software to put pretty activity graphs in member profiles, charting posts and reputation. The charting software we use is detecting that you don't have Flash installed, and therefore is prompting you to install it.

"Please click on Ok to install the same." <= I have learned from my time here at DaniWeb that is how people from India speak English. I am assuming that the charting software we are using ( has outsourced some of their development to India.

I just went to the FusionCharts contact page to report this to them as a bug, and discovered this:

FusionCharts Technologies LLP.
Infinity Think Tank #1, 11th Floor
Plot A3, Block GP, Sector V,
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata - 700091, India

Apparently it is an Indian-based company. People from India tend to write broken English with the phrase 'the same' a lot. I will let Sanjay (our super moderator) explain why since he's from India and does it too :)

Thanks for reporting it as a bug (so promptly too!). I certainly hope they choose a lower-key way of suggesting Flash in the future.

No disrespect meant towards folks who don't speak "American" English, of course. My only reason for reporting it was because it's inconsistent with the "written accent" of DaniWeb, which always raises red flags. Additionally, I couldn't find the alert popup in the page's source, so I was wondering where the Javascript was coming from (since I use such strict access policies).

AFAIK, "the same" is a common way of referring to a previously explained/mentioned context. For e.g. compare and contrast the following two sentences:

I've upped the servers on the production box; please monitor the same for at least two days.
I've upped the severs on the production box; please monitor them for at least two days.

It seems that this use of "the same" doesn't quite seem natural to native English speakers. I personally don't think it is technically/grammatically wrong, but if you think it is, feel free to enlighten me. :-)

EDIT: humour

It is proper English, it's just not used often. It will rarely if ever be spoken. When written it feels like formal English rather than a more colloquial form.

You need Adobe Flash Player 8 (or above) to view the charts. It is a free and lightweight installation from Please click on Ok to install it

scans better for me. The same feels klunky.