I've noticed a pattern where threads are resurrected (often with no added value) after a year and a half, etc. by somebody. It usually follows with Dave S. locking the thread and scolding the user. Maybe there could be a way to auto lock old threads after a certain period of time?


For example:

yup..it should be done...simply a way to increase posts otherwise

>Maybe there could be a way to auto lock old threads after a certain period of time?
This is a classic example of fixing the symptom rather than the problem. But if you want to press the issue, is it really bad enough to warrant an implementation change that severely restricts users? From a moderator's perspective, I say no. Off the top of my head, the only benefit I can see is that it would save us a minor amount of work closing the thread and sending a warning message every now and then. Resurrected threads just don't happen as often as you seem to want Dani to believe.

Also, how would you determine the appropriate measure of time before locking a thread? It would vary for each forum, I think, so that constitutes a lot of extra work on Dani's part to get such a blind fix working properly. The solution would also need to consider long lived threads and only lock inactive threads. Most of the time these resurrection posts are mistakes caused by new members using the search for new posts feature, or inexperienced members replying to threads that came up in a topic search. Maybe you should be thinking of ways to fix the problem at the source instead of suggesting a poorly thought out, half-assed fix.