I truly do just want to help people during my spare time on night shift, but you and Ms. Holland have made it quite difficult.

By the way. If I want my real name to show on the forums, I will do it myself, thank you.

Maybe you should leave it out of you profile then. Use a fake, believable one like myself.

Please take this little spat to PM.

Steve, if you have a specific complaint then send me a PM with the details and I'll take a look. However, concerning the Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties forum, we've recently tightened up the rule set. Due to the potential damage to OP computers, the mods have permission to strictly moderate posts based on content that doesn't otherwise break Daniweb's rules.

Since you seem to be one of the first casualties of this new policy, your feedback is most welcome.

Thanks Narue. If crunchie or jholland would have stated this fact, then there would have been a lot less frustration on my part.

I'm not saying I'm Mr. Mature or anything but I really think the competitive petty nature of a few Mods drive people away when trying to find a solution to their pc woes.

No matter what we said, there are always those who would argue the point.

A new Sticky Post detailing our Spyware Forum policy is now in place.

Forum Rules and Policy for First Responders
-- Any and all feedback is welcome. Just PM me with comments and concerns.

I think it is pretty clear, but I'll hit the main points again:

1) Our forum is OPEN and the majority here would like to keep it that way. Most other forums are not and they require a vetting process or some other proof of ability before people are allowed to offer advice.
Personally, I'd rather allow knowledgeable and willing volunteers to post and have the moderating team guide them if they are going in the wrong direction.

And, yes - there are many wrong directions and it is not egotistical to point them out. And, quite frankly, even those of us who have been doing this for years have had to shed some of our bad habits over that time (disabling System Restore before cleaning / forcing Safe Mode, etc...).

2) We like to have all people who request assistance run our Read Me First Sticky post steps in order to establish a plan for further cleaning. That is pretty much the way it is in every forum these days. We try to keep the steps simple and up to date.

3) Generally, telling a person to run "such and such" scanner does not help. The tools in the Read Me First are sufficient for initial diagnosis.
More importantly, they are not as potentially destructive as a lot of other tools....
Well, if you exclude the week or so where MBAM had issues with atapi.sys and turned computers into boat anchors :)

Personally, I would welcome any knowledgeable volunteers to the forum. Anybody willing to sacrifice some of their free time to help others is worthy of respect and support.
Now that there is a written policy in place, perhaps we can all take a mulligan and start anew?

Cheers :)

commented: Sounds good +0

Read, understood and appreciated. Thank you for your clarity.

I've been told there are rules that turns out don't actually exist and have received multiple infractions for reasons which are more personal than professional.

I think there needs to be less competition and more compilation in the effort to support others. Just a thought.

Steven. You are being deliberately disingenuous. You received 1 infraction, not multiple.
You also know why you got a warning. It was for sending a PM to another member, giving them the bird.
You have also received 3 infractions previously from different Mods for various offenses, so to say that these latest 2 were personal is a bit of a joke.
Point out the 'rules' you say do not exist and we will try to clarify the matter.

your wasting both of our time chrunchis. Enough!!

Got your last word?

This thread is getting a bit out of hand .There is no point in creating a thread that results in a cat fight and down votes. Why don't we just let the moderators team, Crunchie, Jholland and PhilliePhan be in charge of the virus, spyware and other nasties forum. They have more experienced in that area than most of us and know how to handle things well. But that does not mean no mistake, every one will make a mistake sometime. Do we have to downvote each other because we have different opinion of something?? I believe that the trio ( referring to the 3 mods above ) will do just fine without any external assistance.

Thank you for your vote of confidence jingda. Well said.

Erm, THIS is the final word. Discussion now complete, and before this just turns into a trolling session, thread closed.