Hi all,what size should be the avatar picture, I tried different combinations but it is always skewed. From what I noticed the usual size are 80x80 but the picture is always deformed!?

It should be 80x80, not sure why it would be deformed as long as you upload a square avatar.

Hi thanks Dani : - )
I tried that but in the preview the pic is deformed still, so I didn't upload it anymore. I will try again, get a square one (I guess if it is bigger than 80x80 it will get resized automatically) and go all the way through the process, I will post back

Sorry for the frustration :(

that's ok, I sorted that out, all my fault. I have just discovered that using the gimp to resize a picture isn't as straighforward as I would have thought. Turned out it was the gimp playing up. I have resized it with photoshop, and it's all good. Sorry for that, I should have tried with different software before posting.