Just noticed that I was no longer logged in in IE9 after a period of doing nothing, but having the website open? Did something change? I don't store cookies or history or whatever, but this never happened before.

Firstly, we did make a change to cookies about a week ago where everyone was logged out. I started a thread about it apologizing. :) So if you've had your browser open for over a week, then that's the reason why.

Secondly, to prevent against spam, you cannot submit any forms after a few hours of inactivity on the site. That's probably what you're referring to.

It wasn't a few hours, 30 mins tops. Who knows, perhaps one of the Windows updates did something. I'll have to see if it happens at home too. It's minor, am a happy Opera user anyway.

If it was only 30 mins, it has to be some type of one-time glitch. Let me know if it happens again.

It has happened more than once, but I've only noticed this on Win7/IE9 at work. I have to try at home first.

Okay, I cannot reproduce this at home, so I'll dismiss this as a work-related issue.

Does your work use a proxy server? Is your web browser set to clear cookies on exit?

No. And yes, as is the one at home. Anyway, I don't think it should've logged out while the tab was still open.

Do you login with facebook or traditional login?

Closing this, as I've been unable to reproduce the issue.