Hey guys, I've searched all over the web for help but couldn't find anything, so I've decided to give up and come here. Here's my problem:

I want to be able to run system restore automatically. NOT to create restore points, but to restore the computer to either the most recent restore point or any other. While it does this, I don't want the GUI to be displayed. It can run silently and however it wants, but the user should not be able to give any options. The reason am doing this is because am trying to setup a management system for my job and I want the computer to automatically wipe out any recent installations or changes made, when the computer is shut down. Am thinking maybe a batch script can do this somehow, or...I don't know. I know there are programs out there Clean Slate, Deep Freeze, etc...however I want to avoid paying licensing for over 100 computers if I can integrate this technique. Is this possible? I really appreciate any help, suggestions, etc.


Is this possible? I really appreciate any help, suggestions, etc

You could probably put together a batch to do the job, but it seems to me that this method of using System Restore to undo unwanted installations will cause you more problems than anything else.
You'd be far better off imaging/reimaging individual drives as needed rather than continuous system restore.....

Just my $.02

Cheers :)

hey Phillie thanks for replying. I was thinking about it and it makes sense that the continuous system restore might cause more problems. What would you suggest in this case?

Restricting the user accounts would most likely be the best way to get what you want I'd say.

Hey Rik, the reason I didn't wanna go that route was because the users are expected to download certain programs when the need arises for it. However, since there will be multiple users rotating computers, there's a tendency of some people installing like games, weather apps, IM services, etc. So...that's where I am now. What do u think..

Just an idea. How about disabling downloading completely then creating an "installation" shared directory full of the software that they will possibly need. That way you can completely control what they can and can't install.

creating a constant restore is bad for the computer and you're failing to complete any updates and maintenance needed for the computer. your better solution is to create a mandatory profile which you can search and find instructions to do.