Recently, i am seeing some awkward behaviour of my windows pc (which is a vista sp2). It can be said as a problem of automatic scrolling.What happens is when i try to increase the volume from the sound option in right hand side menu in taskbar, it automatically gets lowered and i am not able to increase the volume. In other cases like when i use my browser and try to fill a form on any website, previous form data cannot be accessed by me as it automatically scrolls down the form data list and list gets exhausted, hence closes. Can you guys help me?Is it a virus?
Thank You!

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Try downloading MalwareBytes. It's free and does a good job finding malware.

I am in a serious problem and when i tried to install MalwareBytes, i ran the setup where we choose a language of installation from drop down list, the list chooses by itself(auto scrolling) the last language which is some east asian language, so i can't even install the software on my computer.I cannot choose english


hmm... if you take out the hard drive and plug it into another computer via a USB connection, you can run the Malware bytes agains this hard drive.

Alternatively, you can boot this computer using another operating system, say a linux distro and run an antimalware tool that way on the hard drive. Not sure exactly how to advise on this option.


Okay,to confirm that it is not a hardware fault,if you have an extra mouse then connect it and test if it works fine.
To install MalwareBytes Anti-Mailware,just remove the mose and use keyboard to navigate.

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