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I feel partially responsible for this - I did hark back to previous indiscretions and that was wrong. I apologise. We all make mistakes.

say say whatever you want. i don't have any feelings now. bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeee.. :-)

Nitin, I think Diafol was saying that he agrees with you and defending you.

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Nitin, I think Diafol was saying that he agrees with you and defending you.

Yes, I was wrong to flag up a previous incident, and should have kept the discussion on point. My bad.

I know it was your mistake, i didn't point out it because i want you to judge yourself because i am too small to judge you. i am small in age, experience and ettiqutes also. thanks to you that you admit your mistake. thanks diafol sir. :-)

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@ezzaral, okay! thanks for your valuable comment. should we leave this thread now ? or should we explore more about my behaviour and other things on a software development forumn ? what do you actually want ?

here, people are full of knowledge , but also know how to irritate and mock at someone to the full extent. from where and for what purpose i have started the thread and just look at this thread, where it has turned over at the end ?

I request you all that it is a SD forumn and we must maintain it as it is. I truly dont know what is relation between things related to my behaviour and this thread. answer must be yes or no, that's set!!! whether i can get it back or not, answer must be yes or no or some with reasons liek happygeek and all have given nicely. no one can do anything if you take ice-cream with Tea!! thanks alot.

@ the OP

When you don't get your way why do you react like a hysterical school girl who has been denied the right to shop for Gucci handbags?

...And when you finally see sense, that most of the community members here were offering you solid but FIRM advice for YOUR benefit, you tuck your balls between your legs and pretend you're super passive gay massage boy. . . then you proceed to LOL and wink at yourself?

Do you want to be taken seriously?

Look... maybe you want to play the performing monkey, class clown or village idiot in real life? I mean, sure it's funny... I'm laughing but it is more an uncomfortable laugh born out of pity for YOU.

You can Lord yourself over Daniweb proclaiming:

I request you all that it is a SD forumn and we must maintain it as it is

But here's the truth. At the moment you have an inescapable habit of repelling those around you. This is a habit. It can be fixed. People are going to disagree with you. Some may even think you're an idiot. Hey, big deal I've had it happen to myself MANY many times. Work on figuring out WHY is it that your natural course of action is to repel people → then work of fixing that.

Better act fast otherwise you're gonna be doing this for a long time.

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Seems this thread is going downhill fast. I think nitin has got his answer (and a lot more besides!), so further discussion may just lead to further provocation. Probably at Defcon 3...

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@iamthwee I don't know what u r talking about. :p your comment includes monkey, gay, humans, SD development, daniweb, truth , lie. hahaa. It will be good if you take care of yourself. :-p seriously, you are truly insane. i truly enjoy your posts which genuinly shows your anger. you don't have manners to talk(for which your ancients are responsible) , you dont have good post quality (for which you yourself and your knowldge is responsible), you dont know what to say and when to say(for ex: this post). so don' u think you have to change yourself completely ? :-p just go away from this thread and spend this time on yourself. :-) good luck dude/(female version of dude) as i don't know ur gender. :-p hahha.. relax and go to work. it's 11am. wake up!!


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@diafol it's not defcon 3.. i will be defcon 1.. hahahha... :p (joking).. :D

Time for this thread to cease and desist, it's already been marked solved, and slowly fade away methinks. If postings, on both sides, continue down the current road then I can see the 'keep it pleasant' stick being used to hit participants firmly on the head.

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