Here's an interesting one. Two people (one of them me) posted a link to the same article, however, both links got scragged by the profanity filter (warning, rude word coming). The actual link contained the segment (remove spaces)

i n v e s t m e n t w a t c h b l o g

except that it replaced t w a t with #### thereby rendering the link invalid.


Fixed so that tw*t only registers on a whole word now, so it shouldn't be flagged on investmentwatchblog anymore.


Dani, you may want to do the same for some others. Daniweb is currently doing the same thing that AOL did in 1996 and filtering S C U N T H O R P E as being profane, when irt is actually just a rather run down town in Lincolnshire here in the UK.


I have a link on my toolbar (Firefox 23) that takes me directly to the vb.net forum. Of course, I log in before I do anything. A couple of times today after logging in my screen looked like the first attached image. Thinking I was having a senior moment and just forgot to log in I clicked Log In and saw the second screen.

This is the third (very rude word) time I've edited this post (exiting Firefox and clearing the (same rude word) cache each time and I still can't get the (extremely rude and offensive gerund) files to attach. I cannot be the only person who is having this problem. If I am then I must be the stupidest person who ever used a computer to not be able to figure out why this does not bloody well work!!!!!!

The first picture shows I am not logged in. The second picture shows that clicking on Log In took me to www.daniweb.com/members/edit_profile

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Dani, you may want to do the same for some others. Daniweb is currently doing the same thing that AOL did in 1996 and filtering S C U N T H O R P E as being profane, when irt is actually just a rather run down town in Lincolnshire here in the UK.

I don't get an issue with THOR.

Just checked, yes, it's posted correctly.


Go back and reread the second paragraph. Of course you don't see any pictures because even after multiple tries I couldn't get them to upload. They weren't too big. I exited Firefox and cleared the cache repeatedly. I click on Browse and select the file (the name appears in the textarea next to the browse button. Then Ii repeat the same operations to get the second file. I then click Submit Your Reply and the bloody files don't get attached.

They upgraded the cell tower in my area so my connection status is the full five bars. And yet, the uploading of files is still completely unreliable.

You just cannot imagine how frustrating and irritating this is, and has been, for many months.

Let me try to describe the sequence of events again (and I will try yet again to attach the screen shots). I click my bookmark that takes me directly to the vb.net forum. Ii click Log In and log in. I scroll down the page and stare in wonderment at how all the threads that I am current on are all flagged New until I notice that I am apparently not logged in. I click on Log In again and instead of getting the login prompts I get the Edit Profile page indicating that I am in fact already logged in.

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I've logged in several times today. On two of those occasions I had a discrepency in my login status. The page in the first image (which, hallelujah) finally uploaded clearly shows that I am not logged in, however, when I clicked Log In, instead of showing me the login dialog, it took me to the Edit My Profile page (second image), which clearly indicates that I was already logged in.

I am currently logged in and the system is reflecting that i am logged in.


And I couldn't help but notice that no one is disagreeing with my " I must be the stupidest person..." comment.

Hmmmmmm ;-P


On the contrary, I'm wondering if the issues you're having are the same non-reproducable cookie issues I've been suspecting caused the posting drop as soon as we switched to the new system.


Dani, profanity filter posts it as scunthorpe as it sees something after the s and before the h. I'm trying not to spell it out here, but:

S C U N T H O R P E :)

Votes + Comments
Scunthorpe should be filtered tho ;)

This is getting to the point where I just do not even want to log on anymore. I'm trying to post one image of something unusual I noticed. The image uploaded but the post only got half submitted. When Ii quit Firefox then restarted the post was not there. If I can't upload the two images then (Dani) please email me a regular email address that I can use to send you the info. The first image shows what happens every time I go to a new forum. Three rectangles get rendered at the top of the screen, then get erased. The second image shows my previous unsuccessful post in a state of limbo.


Attachments clip0003.jpg 168.22 KB

I think i see the solution. I just have to get mad enough while I submit the post. Anyone (happygeek) recall Basil Fawlty thrashing his car to make it start?


Dammit dammit dammit. I uploaded two different files but the same iumage got inserted twice. I was very careful and I even previewed the image before uploading so it is definitely not user error.



By the way, the last post also got stuck halfway. I clicked "Submit" and it was apparently accepted (jusging from the above) but it left me in edit mode with no way to exit other than shutting down.

I don't know how many other new users are having problems like this but if they are, how many of them are just saying "the hell with it" and going elsewhere? You said you were wondering if this was related to the sudden drop off in traffic. Maybe it is.

I am aware that my constant ranting on this topic is getting tiresome and I apologize but you can't imagine my level of frustration.



I wasn't around most of today. I'll investigate this tomorrow. I def think something weird is going on. In the meantime, are you using any browser plugins, ad block, etc?


After yesterday's problems I disabled

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.9.1
Ghostery 5.0.3

and still have the following enabled

DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 <video>
DownloadHelper 4.9.17
Readability 2.4
Trend Micro BEP Firefox Extension
Trend Micro NSC Firefox Extension

I'll let you know if and when I have any more problems.


I have another post stuck in limbo. I have Ghostery and ADBlock disabled

Of everything you described, this is the only issue that rings a bell with me. Posts that get stuck in limbo do this due to server or network issues usually. We deliberately hide the 'Submit' button from the time it's initially clicked until the time the post goes through, so that server lags don't cause people to repeatedly hit the Submit button and accidentally double/triple post.


Yes, that is a known issue when there's a server/network issue. It's usually hit or miss whether the post goes through (when there's a networking issue, it's hard to predict how far in transmission the data made it), so we hide the Submit button until we're 100% confident that it got submitted and we received a 'success' back from the server, just in case there was a lag.

Under normal circumstances, the submit button gets hidden and comes back into view so quickly that you don't notice it was even gone.

All of the other issues you described though I do find perplexing.


The first image shows what happens every time I go to a new forum. Three rectangles get rendered at the top of the screen, then get erased.

Those three images are supposed to be to Tweet, Google+, or Facebook Like the page. I suspect you are using an ad blocker or something that is hiding the iframes.

By the same note, we use an IFRAME technique for AJAX-based file uploads. I suspect that your ad blocker is doing something funky with those iframes as well, which is why you're having file uploading issues.

As mentioned in my previous post, you end up in "limbo" because the Submit button goes away the second your web browser sends the data to the server, and it doesn't reappear and display your new post on the page until the server receives your data from your web browser, stores it in the database, and sends back an acknowledgement that all is good along with your new post.

The server might be getting confused if the ad blocker is doing something funky with the hidden IFRAMES that are used to do file uploads.


Those three images are supposed to be to Tweet, Google+, or Facebook

Sounds right. I disabled AdBlocker and I don't see them anymore.

Jim, are you using standard login or are you using Login with Facebook, etc?

Standard login. I don't believe in Facebook. I'm going to leave Ghostery and AdBlocker disabled for the nonce and see how things go.


I'm having a problem today. I'm trying to get to this thread but I can't get to it (problem loading page). However, when I open the thread by clicking on the summary (to get to the first post), it comes up almost immediately. I had the same problem with this thread


It seems to have corrected itself. I've noticed this from time to time that the jump links time out while the first post links do not.

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