Where did you hide the Indorsement button? I can't find it anywhere.

Nevermind -- I figured it out. There used to be a button in the purple ribbon, but I guess you got rid of it probably because it was consuming too much realestate.

The list of people to endorse -- can you display then alphabetically? It's difficult to find a specific member when they are all in random order.

I generally go to the person's profile page when I want to endorse them, but it does seem that if you use the "pay it foward link" in your own profile, the list of suggested "endorsees" is displayed in no particular order.

If you want to endorse a particular person, then type their username into the search box to find their profile. You can then endorse them from their profile.

The endorsement suggestions page is a randomized list of suggestions that are tailored towards you.

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What does 'Pay It Forward' mean? Some sort of jargon? Never heard it before. Couldn't you just have 'Endorse'? I think most people with a reasonable command of English would understand that if they were looking at the 'endorsements' section.

In addition, while I'm having a mild rant, why the variations of 'Career Profile' and 'Curriculum Vitae'/'CV'. I think I've worked out that the CP shows the CV and other info. But it's a bit confusing all the same. What are the design rules behind the orange and blue buttons? Why the difference in colour - I can't think of the rule - what is it?

Ok, enough, I'm getting cantakerous...

What does 'Pay It Forward' mean? Some sort of jargon? Never heard it before.

It's a pretty well-known expression, it's a play-on-words from "pay it back". It's like if you have a debt to someone, you would pay them back. But in this case, if you've been granted something from someone (like an endorsement), you should "pay it forward", i.e., grant the same to someone else, to propagate the chain of kindness. We have the same expression in French too, "payer au suivant". I'm surprised you never heard it before.

why the variations of 'Career Profile' and 'Curriculum Vitae'/'CV'.

I think the Career profile is supposed to be a bit more complete "CV + Daniweb activity", as it shows the CV and Daniweb endorsements / latest articles / posts. The CV page is more minimal. But it's true that they seem a bit redundant.

Your CV tab within your member profile is just that: targeted towards members who are browsing your member provile to see your CV.

The career profile page is designed to be minimal, as Mike points out, in that it doesn't have the standard DaniWeb header/footer and all of the other stuff targeted towards browsing around and participating on DaniWeb. Instead, it's targeted to be a single landing page that you could put on your resume when applying for jobs, or link to from your own blog/website, or other social networks, etc., where a non-DaniWeb member can get a quick one-page overview of who you are.

It's designed to showcase your achivements at-a-glance both within the DaniWeb community as well as within your professional life (which prospective employers like because it's a more unbiased, well-rounded view of you), in a way that doesn't require any prior understanding of how our kudos systems work.

Also, throughout the entire site, yellow buttons are used for calls-to-action: The main thing we want you to do when you're on the page. Blue buttons are used for secondary navigation, the ability to make changes to things, other places to venture off to on a tangent, etc.

The link to your member profile from within your career profile page is blue because we want to provide the ability to dig deeper into the DaniWeb community member behind the professional profile, but at the same time it's not the primary purpose of the page.

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I'm surprised you never heard it before.

No, must be a North American thing? Anyway, I don't care for it very much - it just sounds wrong - clunky and made up. Like something old Bush Jr would have said.

Also I stopped studying French at 16, so some of those expressions will have escaped me. Interesting - is the French equivalent "France French" or is just "Canadian French"?

According to its Wikipedia article, the phrase was coined in 1916.

It doesn't seem like a North American thing. According to the Pay it Forward Day website, over 500K people in 60 countries are involved in the initiative, and it was originally founded in Australia. The non-profit Pay It Forward Foundation, however, was founded in Canada. A Google search returns many, many companies, charities and organizations from all over that include Pay it Forward in the name. There's even a Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, Pay It Forward Fund, Pay It Forward Scholarships, Pay It Forward Ministries, and so much more. Lots of organizations and charities built on the concept of passing on the generosity you received from others to help other people yourself.

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Having read the Wikipedia article, it does seem like a North American thing. Also looking at the PIFD website - all the 'Proclamations' seem to be from USA/Canada. Anyway, this is sounding a bit petty. IMO, "PIF" isn't well-known at all outside North America and 'Endorse' would be better. Just letting you know that from this side of the pond, it sounds odd. So, I'll be endorsing members regardless of what the link actually says ;)