Been moving into the new office and the snowstorms keep putting a damper on things. I've finally got my SVN server set up again in our new office so I can start coding once again. Was there anything anyone wanted me to look at over the past few days?

Often times, the site takes too long to load. Occasionally, I get a "waiting for available socket" when that happens (chrome status).

Passing this info along to James ... :)

Still sluggish, especially when post reply.

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Yep editing posts and then saving seems to hang, then as I get ready to remove Daniweb from my Bookmarks in a fit of pique, it goes through :)

Also parent forum thread listings (WebDev) doesn't seem to be showing uptodate last poster in some threads. Sorry bit off topic.


Okay, I have it. It was due to me deleting a post (my own) then editing it and "undeleting" it. It didn't show although it was definitely undeleted.

Yeah, I just logged into the servers and there's definitely an above normal load average. This is all on James, though. Not on my end :(

daniweb too slow , today.
what happened ?

We're looking into issues at the moment, hopefully should be fine in a few minutes.

Site is running slow for me as well.

I agree it needs sorting pronto and I'm on James' ass. Feel free to bitch to him directly to get this done!! Please!! :)

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Glad to see that you're taking ownership of the issue and protecting your backroom staff :)