Hai, I need a litte help here.

I'm new in server world.

I want to use this client-server for VPN network and transfering database record between client-server.
what i want to ask is, can I use windows server 2012 for XP clients? or I should use win 7 clients?
is there will be any compatibility problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.

You may want to consider using Win 7 or later since Win XP is soon coming off support from Microsoft.

yeah, I know that using win 7 client is the right solution for win server 2012.
but to minimize the budget, I still want to use my XP client if it possible..
do you have any idea what error might be happen if I use XP client?

Assuming this is a standard server running RRAS with VPN connections, why do you suppose you are going to have an issue with Window XP clients? They have built-in VPN client software to connect to Windows server, just as Windows 7.

well, I did some research before and many have told me that xp client and server 2012 have compatibility problem.
so,I want to confirm if those problem are real.
Thank you.

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