for some reason I am not receiving notifications of new posts to watched items. What do I need to check?


Go to Edit Profile and make sure you check Receive Occasional Community-related Email?

I think you will get notified for Automatically Watch Articles I Post In? if checked, but I am not sure if when the watch this article button is clicked will trigger the notification.

I hope someone can make clarification on this. :).

In one case you will get notified only for articles that you explicitly request to Watch. If you select the Auto option then by posting in a thread you have (implicitly) selected Watch. With the non-auto option you can Watch a thread without posting in it.

As long as you have receive community email checked, then you will receive email for articles that you watch.

You can watch/unwatch any article by clicking the button within the article. You can also view articles you're watching, and mass-unwatch articles that you're watching, from the 'watched articles' page (link in the header).

If you have your profile set to automatically watch articles you post in, then each time you post in a thread, you automatically begin watching it.

Thanks folks I have followed your advice. Incidentally I received an email from Reverend Jim with the advice but the system wouldn't post via email.

I've never tried it but I understand that to post by email you have to select Subscribe to Mailing List?

Yes, Subscribe to Mailing List effectively lets you browse and reply to messages throughout DaniWeb entirely via email. It functions like one of those old school Listserv lists.