I have a few good old computer which runs on Window XP without any problem so far. But what happen come next year when Microsoft put Window XP to rest forever. No security updates, no hardware drivers update, no third party software updates etc..

Dump the old computer and buy new one with the latest Windows and software or install with Linux and squeeze some life into it once again? Anybody got any opinion to share?

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Never throw computers out - there's bound to be a local geek who will use it for something. If it's too old to use for anything, then it's probably museum material ;)

But seriously, keep Windows on it while you can. You could partition the hard drive and try some Linux distributions.

XP will not be going away anytime soon. There are still too many government agencies, that use it.

There is a reason. XP was the last Windows system that did not get in the way of your work.

System restore is better way to fix some troubles
But you can also make "rescue image" using acronis

The security updates didn't make that much of a difference to the general user really.

The great thing about XP was that after its teething problems, which was commonly due to badly written drivers on the part of Vendors, it became an operating system that people learned how to fix themselves and wasn't a big deal to reinstall if they couldn't.

I expect to keep on using XP on a couple boxes pretty much forever, or until they die, whichever comes first. If I get worried about security, I'll block them from internet access.

Right along with the Win98 box I keep. Have a couple pieces of hardware that wouldn't run right on anything newer, and they are still useful.

I suggest you to upgrade your system rather to dump it :)

Do not throw it out. Upgrade it. There are still PCI and AGP components still available out there that have drivers available for Vista & 7 (8 in some cases) As well as that Vista is still supported until 2017 and 7 until 2020 at the very least. So there is still options out there.

A continuing, working AV is important. AV-TEST has some interesting reading on that subject re XP.
Reading a few of the linked pages, one can conclude that XP users should be using Panda Security: Cloud Antivirus FREE vsn 2.2, if a free aV is your style. Kaspersky is still the best overall (not free), closely followed by Bitdefender (again not free).

microsft is going to keep MSE for xp udated for another year after they stop the security updates ,and as bigpaw already mentioned ,for the averge user lack of security updates really not a big problem

Mm.. that's nice of them, but you wouldn't use it, would you, because it has the lowest rating of about 30 AV softwares?
I'd make a guess, though and say the average person clinging to XP wouldn't be the adventurous sort, dredging deeply into the dirty bits of the web. XP as it ends will be good enough for them. It's always been good enough for me.

I undertsand that I need to remove the XP now :) :)

I figure I could give the computer to children to play and let them learn about computers who hardly access to the internet although a good anti virus is being install. Some I may use as a media box for watching movie and music which will not plug in to the internet. Last one will use to explore into the world of Linux. There is so much to learn. There, I got it figure all out. Atleast the old box has been put to good use again.

good luck finding a computer that has the very useful PS/2 or Ethernet ports that isn't expensive.

and good luck dealing with MS's new RAT built into Win7 and Win8
(rather than ranting about it for a 60th time, just click an XP thread I've talked about it in)

engineer don't know how to build "good" computers anymore. T_T

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