I've added some features to member profiles worth mentioning, in an attempt to add a social networking aspect to the site.

The overview: Every member profile includes ...

- a listing of the member's favorite forums (which forums they post the most in) along with how many posts they have in each

- a randomly generated listing of other members with similar interests (aka they are frequent posters in the member's favorite forums) - Essentially, all you have to do is refresh your own profile once a day to make new friends who share the same interests as you do

- the member's social network (members on their mutual contact lists aka buddy lists)

- when you browse a member's profile, it also lists contacts that you have in common with the member (if any)

Additionally, whenever you add someone to your contact list, the person who was added gets a PM saying so and asking if they want to reciprocate by adding you to theirs. If they do so, you'll each appear in each others Social Networks in your profiles.

The registration form to join DaniWeb now includes a space to enter the username of the user who referred you to the site, if one exists. After the new member signs up, the member who referred them gets a thank you PM with the username of the member they referred, and asks if they want to add them to their contact list.

Is this user disable-able? Sounds like you have been working with AT&T, and NSA?

Users don't have the ability to disable banner ads as of right now. It isn't something like our trial with IntelliTXT where it was running a network and you get paid for the ads you deliver.

With these banner campaigns, I actually sell them directly to the corporations or through large agencies that represent the corporations, and we enter into actual detailed contracts for each individual campaign that runs.

Wait, What? Your selling banners of social networking to companies? I'm talking about being able to not be listed on a social network, not blocking banners.

Btw, I was kidding.... I don't really mind, but I wanted to throw something in there about AT & T selling logs to NSA..... :)

Ohhh ... I got this thread confused with the one Narue started about our advertising campaigns slowing down page loading times.

Social networks are created when members put each other on their contact lists. If member B is on member A's list and member A is on member B's list, they appear in each other's social networks. If you don't want to be in a social network, don't add anyone to your list, or only add people to your list who you know aren't going to reciprocate.

This is a very nice feature. I like it :D

Thank you!

What is the criteria of randomly generating the members on the profile with similar interests ?

They are regular posters in the member's favorite forums.

Who is a regular poster ? If I dont post in a forum for a month ... but I have a thousand posts in the previous month, will I be a regular poster ??

Nope - the cutoff is the past month.

Interesting features. Looks like someone's been workiing overtime on these.

Yeap, lots of goodies. Come check out our revived live chat!