Hi all,
Let's all talk about how well/or not so well our forums are doing. Tell each other what you have done that is making it successful or unsuccessful. Also, with your post please list what type of site your forum relates to. For example, mine relates to Movies.

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My site is for young programmers interested in programming :)
It now has 1,033 members and growing :)
I love it :D

All of my forums are growing. No particular technique that I used, I just don't aim too high. :lol:

Constantly set short-term goals that have a forseeable end. When you first start, set a goal of maybe 50 members, then 100. Once you reach that goal, aim for maybe 500. Once you have that steady stream of new members, try to see if you can raise your postcount everyday by maybe 10 posts more than the previous day.

my forum has been up for 2 months and it has 132 members, what do u think of it? what do u think i should do to make it better and to get more members.

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bm or leave a mess here

mine is um the same...

I'm new whit forum i just start .
And really i don't have too much members right now i have 2 days already :eek: :o

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what could i do to make it better?

My forum is doing good, well OUR forum. It's not mines it's the user's, they make it what it is. I am just like the goverment that sets everything up for them, rules etc.

Near 3,000 members closing to it's 1st year
Over 60,000 unique IPS this year
constant 40+members online
I am very happy about it's success. My key to success?:the forum is for the users, make them happy, add content that users will use, be dedicated, add features other similar communities do not have to seperate your self away from them, be friendly
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Well one of forums started 1month back it is an forum directory and resources site, has 247 members and post count just 1400, all members register and submit their forums in my directory and leave, so working out a plan to make them active...

Another forum is just 1week old and its all about designing free forum graphics like custom Buttons, headers and other forum related images, it has 24 members and 100 post, i am aiming this one will grow faster then other forums i have...

My 1st forum is doing very well - in 16 months....
Threads: 8,788, Posts: 75,706, Members: 3,447

My second forum is doing well also - in 5 months...
Threads: 821, Posts: 5,641, Members: 314
This is a very niche site dedicated to vBulletin Webmasters only...

My third, I just purchased 2 months ago...
Threads: 4,192, Posts: 34,669, Members: 1,168

The rate of growth has doubled since I took it over. It was PHPbb, I converted it to vBulletin, completely overhauled the appearance, organized the forums a bit, and its responding nicely.

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My latest forum, going since 21st June (3 days ago) has:

9 members, 11 posts. Still quiet and I can't find a good free way of getting new memberships.

I haven't hit my 2 month anniversary yet, that's on the 30th. But here is what I have so I think I'm doing rather well:
Threads: 313, Posts: 1,532, Members: 47

I wish I had more members but my members are very active cause MY post count: 464 which is high but considering I am the admin and have added links and TOS and other things that stay up as stickies and announcements, then yeah...it adds up on me.

No, not all are active but that's typical. LOL. I've only done *advertising* by word of mouth. Liz

my web page is doin rubbish threads:0 posts:0 members 0 can some one check out my site and tell me what they think << url snipped >> (icant even get 1 guest on it) someone give me some tips plz

cscgal plz help me get my forum a few members plz

my forum started last may2005 (1 month old).....we have 253 registered users for now and posted over 7,213 articles. so it quite doing well...i hope it will go higher.... :D

to all the experts here, please give us some tips esp. in advertising. :D

my web page is doin rubbish threads:0 posts:0 members 0 can some one check out my site and tell me what they think << url snipped >> (icant even get 1 guest on it) someone give me some tips plz

hi, i check your forum but it seems that it does not exist at all. try to check again the address. thanks ;)

404: Board Does Not Exist.
Make sure you did not mis-type the URL

wow you guys are all doing so good. how do you get people todo go to your forums. i have been at it for about 3 weeks and not one sign up. well there are 5 sign ups 1 of witch is a friend the other 4 are me.. just trying to make the forum look active. Can anyone help. techtalk101.com

ma bad with the url

thanks..im signing up at your forum now.

thanks alot

I think my board is doing okay... 24 members, a few duds that just spam or say nothing at all (I don't delete them because I want the place to look more active), a few friends that post every once in a while, a few really loyal friends that have more posts than me, and a bunch of people that make a post or two every other day... roughly 10 posts a day in total, 20 posts per day or so in total on weekends... About 580 posts to date. This morning, there were 550. I'm aiming for 600 posts by Sunday. Since it's a Harry Potter board (which there are roughly millions of, so there are a lot of people that go between 15 or so sites, "so why would they want to go on yours" type of thing), I have a Points system, the member who posts the 600th post gets 30 points for their House... something to motivate them. It's been around a month. It's another InvisionFree-hosted board, and it's ( since they don't allow linking http://)s11.invisionfree.com/HP_Mysteries_Forums/index.php?

done signing. :) welcome me there Tom2, TechTalk101 and broad. :)

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I originally posted, and my forum was going quite well, but now it's dried up entirely. What shall I do??

www.keefe-interactive.com (dont snip please - for users to evaluate)

Hmm... It looks great, but you aren't too clear as to what it is exactly about. I'm smart enough to guess that it's about graphics design (or something similar) but some people might not know that. You should post a definite Welcome that explains EXACTLY what your site+forums is about. Look at what you have here:

Welcome to Keefe Interactive V5

As you can see, the design of the site has had a complete overhaul, and is now looking quite a bit better!

Feel free to browse the site, take a look at some of the Photoshop tutorials, and register for the forum to discuss web design, photoshop and programming.

Also, Keefe Interactive is now sistered with Manx Game Review, and hopefully together we can build a strong community with regularly participating members.

It's probably crystal clear to someone who has had it all explained to them, but not to a newcomer. The place to post something like that welcome is in a Latest News page--which is much easier for your members to find, in my experience, than a Latest News thread. You should post a definite, explanatory welcome, not going too far into detail, just a basic welcome, links for logging in and registering, and an overview.

Yikes, broad, I don't know if I would be posting more links after the admins removed the previous ones. But maybe they've given up on this thread. It's just begging for people to brag about (and link to) their own forums.

Anyway, I've done a few forums recently. Here are two:

157 users, 521 posts, running for 17 months
528 users, 406 posts, running for 3.5 months

I have another one I'm setting up for a company, and it will get lots more traffic than my personal sites do. Company sites always get more. I helped to start the Borland Forums back in the 90s. That site has about 350 forums now, with an average of about 750 posts per forum, and the posts fall off over time. That's what, about 250,000 posts? Just in the last 6 months. I can't take much credit for that. When I left, they only had tens of thousands of posts every few months. Still, it's fun to do that stuff. A company will give you a budget that can seriously help kickstart things.


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