So I went to my and I see Pitch but no Introductory Message.

Maybe I'm not in my profile yet? To me it seemed odd to tell a person to check their Profile but how to get there (could be wrong right here) was to click on your avatar then Control Panel.

I can't find this "Introductory Message." Never mind, it shows when I click Continue to Step 2 or 2. Still feels like this system is for folk that know where things are.

On that page you just linked to, notice the bottom of the form says "Continue to Step 2 of 2". It's a 2 page form. Introductory Message is on the second page.

Note that everyone, by default, has an Introductory Message set to something very benign such as, "Nice to meet you! Let's connect." which is similar to the Introductory message that LinkedIn uses. You only need to customize it if you want to.

"Continue to Step 2 of 2" to me doesn't tell the there are more options. In my apps steps are steps and when there are pages of options we use "More options/settings."

Definitely needs testing with users that are new to DW and you give them simple tasks like "Edit your profile." Control Panel does not tell me I'm going to get to my user settings or profile. There's a disconnect from the menu text and where I'm going.

Of course once you get there by looking around then you know. Navigation signs need work.

So, once again, clear as mud. I had seen Noli mentula on my profile page under Community Profile under Header. I didn't go to the Business Networking page because as a mod/retiree I do not consider myself as a business user and have no interest in business networking. Apparently Noli mentula was migrated automatically to this page with the change-over. Needless to say, I have sinced changed my entry on this page as well.

So let me just ask, what is the difference between text entered under Header (which is far from clear in intent and might as well be labeled "Type something here") and text entered under This message will automatically be sent to users you would like to meet. (which is admirably clear in intent).

My tuppence worth, for what that is worth (two pence, did I hear you say?)

Sure. I had to explore a little to find the different options, and some needed more exploration than others. But once I discovered them I didn't find the UI confusing. So, with the profile settings for example, I just worked my way through all the options including the business networking one as I appreciated that DaniWeb and Dazah have become a single entity and it makes sense to make it clear who I'd be interested in connecting with and for what purpose - mainly as a preventative measure to try and stop as many unwanted connection requests as possible truth be told. As far as the 'continue to step 2' thing, even though it doesn't say 'more options' I kind of guessed that there was more left for me to do because there was a second step flagged in the process. Sure, I'm not a newbie to DaniWeb but I am a newbie to this interface and had no access to it as it was being developed - so feel my exposure is as genuine/relevant as any new member. I guess the proof of the pudding will be in bums on seats stats, engagement, retention etc.