I love the idea of Dazah as a virtual meet-up connector, but the quality of proposed connections really needs to improve a tad methinks.

Take this one that just arrived:

About abbas haider

i wanna job i'm a bachelor


  1. I have no vacancies.
  2. That's one heck of a poor CV.

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If you block him on Dazah, his quality score will decrease.

Newbies can't send PMs on the DaniWeb platform, but they can on Dazah. (You won't get DaniWeb notifications though.)


Working on Dazah right now. :)

Jim, are you getting PMs on Dazah from newbies who shouldn't be allowed to private message??


Sooo, I investigated this a bit, and the problem is that the matching algorithm attempts to connect you with people similar to the people you already reach out to. As a DaniWeb admin/mod, you initiate conversations with people and reach out to them to let them know that they are spamming or getting infractions. In fact, that is the majority of the types of people you reach out to. Therefore, it's connecting you with other people similar to the ones you're already demonstrating you have a tendancy towards initiating conversations with.


That does explain why it's only dodgy spammer types that want to contact me :-)

It also demonstrates why AI (of any sort) has a loooooong way to go...


Yeah, it took awhile to figure out what was going on because I send automated welcome PMs to all new members, "miss you" PMs to non-newbies who haven't visited in awhile, etc., so my matches aren't really skewed like yours are.

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