Can you tell me how to burn a DVD DL using Windows 10 and Cyberlink Media Suite, IMGBurn, Express Burn, Winx DVD Author, Wondershare or Windows 10 own burning software. Since I installed the Windows 10 update in April it stoppped working.

I'm a little confused. In a PM you asked about doing a differential image. I assumed you were talking about a disk image. For that you would need disk imaging software such as Macrium Reflect or Acronis. I can only help you with Macrium Reflect as I have been using that exclusively to take automatic daily differentials plus a start-of-month full.

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there are alot og videos availabe at youtube check out there you will find better solution.

Maybe I am not clear. I built my own PC and I repair them. I just for some reson can not burn a DVD DL. I can burn a CD or a DVD, but after completing a disc burn it says completed and then opens the drive door. When you go to read the disc and you can see the marks that it is burned, it can not be read. I've used many programs IMGBurn, etc. and it does the same thing since the April 2018 update. I do all of the updates. I even went to the Microsoft site and downloaded the new iso and burned a disc and updated Windows 10. NG. If anyone else has had this problem, please post a message.

Just to share that I do not download an ISO. I use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool and not once do I get an ISO file. This tool can create the nice USB stick or a DVD (on recordable media.) I've found so many that go the ISO method and seem to get into trouble over and over. What's strange is that when I use Microsoft's tool, it just creates the media (USB or DVD) and I'm done. Never see an ISO here.