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There's a 'Site News and Feedback' section, and I'll move this there. You must have lost track of it! :lol:


I have to admit, this past week, I have done an enormous amount of tweaking on the forum layout. The most important / noticable changes are that there is now a search field built into the header, and the header and footer and index page are now almost entirely in CSS and table-less.

As far as the forums, the only ones that have been added recently were the Webmaster Marketplace and Corporate Computing. The tutorials forum was also remodeled to allow for a tutorials forum for each individual programming language, etc. All other forums have remained the same.

I'm finally done with my tweaking :) I apologize for the headache this past week while I added new features, but all is good to go now :)


www.techtalkforums.com => goes directly to our tech support forums
www.dazah.com => goes directly to our website promotion forums


Yes, yes - but my tweaking is done for now. At the moment, I'm content with the site. So shhh and don't give me any more ideas! :)

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