Hey everyone,

I'm not trying to complain at all... I love this forum... I come here at least 5 times a day.

I was just wondering if the new feature (not sure how new it is) with the key words, popping up ads when the cursor is hovered over them is adjustable? I don't expect the ads to be removed, as I support DaniWeb and understand the need for finances, this being a free forum.

Though I was curious if there was an adjustment that could be made to maybe make the adds wait for a could seconds before popping up? It seems like if I just accidentally throw my mouse over it while scrolling a thread, I get popups that block what I'm reading have to click out of them. Could a setting be made that forced the adds to wait for 2 seconds or something, to make sure that yes the reader is interested in seeing more information?

Or do I have this entire concept mixed up?
-Caleb :cheesy:

ps) Or is intelliTXT just a feature in Firefox that I can disable?

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Alright, not a problem at all... I was just curious.

It doesn't bug me enough to not support DaniWeb =p

Thanks for the reply...


Your support is much appreciated. Thanks! We do have the disable option available, however, because we understand this form of advertising can be seen as too intrusive by some, and we don't want to annoy members, but if it doesn't bother you a lot, you're encouraged to keep it active.

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