primarily my site holds content of adult first approved my site and it went well for 2 to 3 they stopped sending ADS to my site....they didnt ban me but they stopped sending ADs to my they sent a mail to me saying that i am hosting adult content which is against their rules....what should i do now.... plese guide me in this issue.

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If your site shows adult content then you are in violation of googles add sense program. They may have not had a chance to review your site until now. If this is not the case I would check to see the content that you have recently added or check your meta tags if recently redesigned. If all else fails send google an email and ask for a specific reason.

My frient the last place you want to end up is google hell. Send them an email apologizing and saying you were unaware.


I think you should try finding a different source for ppc. If you site is border line on the TOS, better off signing up for another program that you can use in addition to google.

That way if you get banned from one youll always have the other!

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