I'm having a promblem with my keys on my notebook. Whenever i type a key, and want to type the same key it wont work. In order for it to work, i have to type a different key (a key that wont insert a character). Like if i want to press backspace to delete a word, i have to press backspace, shift, backspace,shift, backspace and so on. Even if im typing 222, i have to type 2 shift 2 shift 2.

If anyone can help that would be great. THanks

It may be possible that a key is stuck down. Run your hands across the keyboard several times makeing sure you hit every key.

i just tried that but didnt help, thx anyways. Do you understand what my problem is? If i didnt explain it clearly enough then let me know and ill try to explain more.

I do understand your problem...its trying to figure out what exactly would be causing that which is the real problem. I really dont know...I was just throwing that out there. If your computer is under warenty, you might try and get a new keyboard from your manufacturer, as it maybe faulty. Its all i can really think of.

i dont know if this helps but im using a notebook, but thx for trying though, hopefully someone finds a solution.

i fixed it, i just did the sticky key things ^^. k thx for helping