Hi experts,
I have a project working on C# and ASP.Net.
There's a function for my users to delete a project by the project name, which is the primary key.

However, it is not functioning perfectly.
When the project name is two word(second word more than 4 characters), it could not be deleted.

For example, "Mini Cooper"
I've tested, if the second word is within 4 characters such as "Honda City", it can be deleted.

May I know what is wrong?

Are you actually capturing the whole string name, or are you just using the first 10 characters of the string?

I found the error. it's about my stored procedure.

That's why I hate stored procs. I want to see an actual comparison of using a stored proc vs a dynamic query and see how much time it really saves. I bet it is less than amounts spent on fixing errors. :-) ... many will disagree and state i am wrong. i respect their opinion, just i am right.

On a small site ercstenson, NO TIME SAVED!

on a huge site, you save a lot of dead time between pages.

The bonus of stored procedures is that it is all done on the sql server without a post back to the web server. So it is faster IF you have many hits to the server. However, I hate stored procedures too and I can combine all my queries into one when needed :)