What are the factors that influence adsense ads?
I ask this because there are different ads on site with related contents.(talking about the same subject).
MFA are not out after 1 June.
MFA and competiton site have ads on my site.I know I can filter them, but not this is the problem.
To be profitabile they have ads better then mine.My question : how they get better ads with related content (same subject).What are the factors that influence the adsense ads.
They use long tail keywords and bid less to advertise on my site.How to avoid to have long tail ads and have specific keywords with more bid.
Example :

firewall or cisco ads instead of

firewall remote cisco buy

also another problem I have a page with mechanical switch and I get ads about hardware switch , i need ads about mechanical switch or related to this
and are this type of ads because I see it on other sites

I think the best thing to do is to have the content of your page refelctive of the types of ads. The ads look at the content of your page to pull ads from. The more relevant your content the more relevant your ads.

Also sometimes there may not be an ad available for something obscure. So sometimes what you see for ads may be the most relevant google has to show.

Anyone else?

I agree its the content on the page that defines the ads. Also you can force the ads to "look" a certain keywords on the page.

You can find a lot of great tips in books written about adsense. I read that Adsense Code and read a lot of great ideas in there.

I suggest reading that and you should seen your revenues increase when you try new things with the codes. It makes a big difference.