is it possible to add the subforums of tech support to featured threads ( I prefer skim over a wide varity of the forum rather then going into each one to view the latest posts.

or better yet, make it so the members can customize what forums they wish to pull results from :-p

or maybe im the only one that would benefit from such a change.

the second thing I noticed is computer code apprears in an IFRAME. this kind of makes code hard to read in the thread, esp when you have to scroll Horz and Vert just to read it!

oh well that just my .02,

oh, and what exactly is the compuer science forum for?

The homepage,, is meant to give an overall good first impression of what the site has to offer to new visitors. Let's face reality, 9 out of 10 posts are security related questions around these forums ;)

The way that the featured threads on the homepage looks now, it gives a first impression that this is an interesting and informative programming community where you can learn all sorts of things.

I used to allow tech support threads as part of the featured threads on the homepage. But what ended up happening was almost all of the featured threads would be security related - and oh what a turn off for a new visitor to see 15 different instances of "HELP! I have a virus" and "HELP ME PLEASE my internet isn't working" and "What do I do - newbie needs Windows help"

For that reason, I decided that the first thing I want prospective new members to see are provocative questions that show that this is an informative place to learn. Not just everyone posting their computer problems right there on the homepage.

For that reason, we have "Today's Posts" available via the navigation on the site:

Code actually doesn't appear in an IFRAME. Rather, it's just some fancy CSS done with a <div> HTML tag. Check out some long code that doesn't use code tags, and check out some code that does - you'll prefer the latter! There are many programming languages that are actually space and hard return sensitive, and therefore it's important to see everything that belongs on one line, on one line. For that reason, horizontal scrolling comes into play. However, I'll consider expanding it so the code area is taller.

The computer science forum is for discussion of computer theory, computer logic, math, algorithm design, and all that other fun stuff that goes hand in hand with computer programming - but isn't specific for a particular programming language.

awesome, thanks for the pointers...
I see you modified the code tags stying, much appreciated!

Hmm, I haven't gotten around yet to modifying the code tags styling ;) Must all be in your imagination. :-D

hehe, yea I noticed... I saw a nice long C++ post, and it didn't scroll, so I fuigred you fixed it... later I noticed some short code and it was in a codebox... oh well...