When you quick reply to a post, your post count next to your name, above the post, updates, however, your certificate does not update. You need to reload the page to view the new count.

Small, but I though I'd point it out.

When you quick reply to a post, you're just using AJAX to throw the new post up without actually refreshing the page. The new post made is the only thing on the page that updates, to save you from a page load.

pretty clever using ajax...

that's a nice one...:P

Yup, it's a built-in vBulletin feature :)

Yeah Ajax is a great scripting language to use. Like I said, small bug.

How come the picture on your member certificate always appears stretched out?

Because it automatically resizes your avatar to be a perfect square. Your avatar is very long so it will appear stretched.

ahh ic. So why resize the avatar? Or is this just another automatic vbulletin feature.. I mean, It doesn't bother me.. just curious.

I designed the certificates myself - they're not a vBulletin feature. The avatar was resized to ensure that everyone's fits, since the member certificate is rather small in size.

I like your avatar Dani :)

same i like it too