Hello all. I'm trying to find a GOOD server for a small business of about 10 people (i.e. 10 - 11 machines, desktops and notebooks) and growing. The only server that I've been able to find is IBM system x3xxx. Could anyone please point me in the direction of any Cisco, Oracle, or other brands - I'd be most grateful.

Also what are people's opinions on easy-to-use servers that are safe, and reliable? And also does anyone know any good books on managing servers for people who are new to it?!
All help will be much appreciated, ta very much!!

HP/Compaq ?

there the main server manufaturers for small businesses. Make sure you understand the licencing if you get windows server. You may need to buy additional CALs (client access licences)


But I read on another thread on here that Dell hardware isn't very good when it comes to servers, and that their support system is even worse? I was thinking IBM to be honest. Also is it only Microsoft that do server software, or is that just the most popular, and probably the best option if you have Windows PCs on the network (which I do)?

yeah its the best if you are going to use it with other windows machines - the other option would be linux but i prefer windows.

hp/compaq servers are very good.

OK Cool, thanks.