Do you realize they don't work in signatures? I just saw it too, the most recent post anupam_smart, here

If you will look at the list of the things allowed in signatures...

Allow Basic BBCode [B]Yes[/B]
Allow Color BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow Size BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow Font BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow Alignment BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow List BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow Code BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow PHP BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow HTML BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow Quote BBCode [B]No[/B]
Allow HTML [B]No[/B][U][I][B]
Allow Smilies [B]No
[/B][/B][/I][/U]Allow [IMG] Code [B]No[/B]
Can Upload Images for Signature [B]No[/B]
Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature [B]No[/B]

I hope this clears up the matter... ;-)

Thanks -- it does clear up the problem. I just hadn't bothered to read it right below the Signature edit box :icon_redface:

Thanks for informing us. That was BB code and didn't bother about the Allow Smilies BB code. Is that needed for the signature and it is important to have that signature is your targeted keyword.