I assume I haven't gone blind, so I assume "View new posts" has been disabled here. I'm curious as to why, since it's how I operate on every other forum I visit regularly.

It's not that it's been disabled - just that I thought it was somewhat redundant with a link to Today's Posts on every page. Do you really think it's an important feature?

it is a nice feature. on some forums its all i use to look at posts. i dont use it here but on most niche sites i do where everything is about the same thing :)

I could see it being somewhat useful on a niche forum. For example, a linux forum, where you can browse all the latest threads and you know you'll be interested in a lot of them. But this forum is so incredibly diverse, it seems that it wouldn't be too useful. That's why a Today's Posts feature is there instead .... there are over 300 posts per day, so hopefully that will quench your thirst for daniweb every 24 hours :)

I see your point, I figured it might be related to the diversity. I was just curious, I haven't seen it disabled in any other forum.

Btw, I do see thru your cunning ploy with Today's Posts to get me back here daily! :lol: