Thanks to all who responded to my problem with Starware. I think I finally got rid of it. I would like to be certain. How do I look into all of the cracks and crevices to find what is lurking there? I tried something called "Registry Booster 2". It claimed I had 425 registry errors. How did I do that? I am certainly afraid to download anything from the internet now, but there is so much out there that looks interesting.

I will have to learn how to work within this community site of DaniWeb. Thanks for your patience.

Bob H

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I Have never used registry boost but registry first aid is very good. it will find errors and actually find the correction if it is on your pc. as for the 425 errors this is not some thing you should worry about unless your PC is acting reall out of whack. some programs does not write to the registry in the conventional way so registry programs will always find errors. but the worst part is if you change these registry entries THEN you programs will or might not work. thats why i am confident in registry first aid never have an issue that it repair turn out to be bad.


My only problem with Registry First Aid is the lack of ability to look at only a portion of the errors. Like when you get 400 errors you can't single out a certain type, nor can they be sorted. Other than that, it works well.

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