OK, here is some back ground. I am on DSL from AT&T, running windows XP. I have updated all my drivers, with the exception of BIOS which I am leary of doing. Every few hours, at random times my computer just stops responding to the internet. I have to reboot the system and it then logs on fine. I have since moved to another location and it still does the same thing. Sometimes it may be 3 hours other times maybe 6 hours. I reformatted my hard drive, but it still does the same thing. I check my connection when this happens and it tells me that I am connected. The other computer in the house does not do this. I have check my system time and time again for spyware, adware, virus's, etc. I have even disabled my firewall and virus checker just to make sure, but it still does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will post any information that is needed to help solve this issue.

Thank you


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is this wireless?

when it loses its connectioon try tight clicking on the connection in network connections and choosing repair

The connection that it was on before I moved was not wireless, where I live at now it is wireless, but the modem is plugged directly into the computer. I will try the repair connection though next time it does it, which shouldn't be too much longer.


ok, it lost connection again and I went to network connections and tried to repair, but still didn't do any good.


have you installed the most recent network card drivers?

check the manufacturers site

also do all of your windows updates (google for microsoft update, install it, and choose custom)

trojan virus can do that sorta thing mate do a through check with antivirus scan suggested AVG

yeah, do what i said about the drivers + updates first

first run AVG (free version available) then Windows Defender (also free)

windows defender is anti-spyware

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