Hi Everyone ...

I am a complete newbie when it come to dreamweaver, site design etc. I contracted a designer to create a template for a site I wanted to revamp. I have Dreamweaver 3 and what from I can tell he has created this template using CSS which I know 0 about.

What I'd like to know is what upgrade do I need to get so that I can learn and work within the CSS - my lastest template was one that I purchased in Dreamweaver but it used dwf so all I had to worry about was working within the center of the template and creating my content everything else copied over and I worked it well. Now, I have links that I need to link but they refer to a # etc and I have no clue how to work this.

If anyone could shed some light and tell me what I would need to do to upgrade and which one I should upgrade to that would be great! I currently have Dreamweaver 3 - I know, I know back in the stoneage I suppose but it worked for me and I didnt see a reason to change, now with advancements I guess I have to.

Thank you!

The latest version if always better to be with the technology, Dreamweaver CS3 is the one you should go for. Focus on creating XHTML compatible templates and thats the standard now.

Hi there,

Editing pages that use a DWT or CSS is very simliar if you dont want to change too much of the overall template. There should still be "Content Area" that you can edit, and a quick lesson in CSS (http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_intro.asp) will help you keep everything looking uniform. Key is just to keep everything simple, and make sure that when they give you the CSS and template is nice and clean to avoid formatting problems in the future

Hope this helps