these are my resolutions:

  • Less Games
  • More Coding
  • I will learn how to code in standards
  • I will learn more about cURL, Jquery and LOTS of new technology in Web Development
  • I will learn JAVA programming and replace VB as my software Primary Language
  • I will continue developing my projects and sites
  • and lastly, I will finish my Thesis and,

so, what's your new years resolutions guys? ;)

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1. I will not make promises I cannot keep, so no resolutions this year
2. Doh!

1. I will not make promises i cannot keep, so no resolutions this year
2. Doh!

very unique :))

Will not make any new years resolutions.

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ONE of my resolutions:

Stop being online so much. I'm gonna be a real boy one day and have a real life with real friends. It's a toughie, but I reckon I can wean myself off DW bit by bit...

For a moment then I thought DW = Davey Winder and I got just a little bit worried. Not that you would be weaning yourself off of me, but rather that you had got so attached in the first place...

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Whoooaaa! Could be a Brokeback Mountain moment? More like Brokenprops Mounting! :)

Urghh. I feel quite sick now... No offense...

my new year's resolution is to work hard and earn a lot of money becasue recently there is a Serious price rise my current salary is not enough

I have found this interesting thread Here.

Happy new year all! With the new year comes a chance to re-invent yourself, and as a software developer I find that it is a great opportunity to reflect on how I can improve my skills in the upcoming months. I have thought about this quite a bit over the last few days and have come up with a list of new years resolutions I intend to follow that will help me, and hopefully others, start the new year off on the right foot.

It covers a lot about what we do in real life with some nice resolutions. My problem however is to stick to those awesome brainwaves I had on old years eve through the mists of alcohol etc.:)

I think I'll go with Ancients motto, and try and stay alive until 2012.;)

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My new year resolution is to work hard on my new ideas and will never waste the time.

My awesome electrons powered resolution generated by my big fat awesomely cool brain is:
Get more presents than last year.
I only got 10 pounds(GBP) this year :(
Do my homework and not get carried away by Java.
Complete my plan to make an semi-awesome Java app that will listen to your brain to see if you want ice-cream.

Finish my SDL Game of Life program.

Install Slackware on my tower PC.

Ditch Ubuntu and get Slackware on my Netbook.

Learn to use blender.

Set up a LAN between two @%#& Windows computers. (This is much harder than it should be! )

Complete my plan to make an semi-awesome Java app that will listen to your brain to see if you want ice-cream.


Yep, can't wait till I get better at Java then I can rule the world!

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To go a year without perpetuating a racial genocide.

1.) No more eating fatty foods <Must avoid!>
2.) Drink Tea everyday
3.) More power on studying C++
4.) Continue studying Ruby
5.) Eat Rice gruel everyday
6.) Same with those people who said "Stay alive 'till 2012" xD

My 2011 resolution is to prepare a 2012 resolution :)

I changed my New Year's Resolution to not making any New Year's Resolution in the future. :)

I've got a lot
1 of which is to break at least 1 or all of them