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You should try getting a duck. I think it will suit you fine:)

I have a black cat with green eyes. Her name is Caramba.

Does my computer count as a pet because it sure is as smart as one?

Samuel - ( A friendly homeless man that likes to drink I met at the bus stop.)

I used to have a goldfish called Mopsy.

That's about as far as I stretched with pets.

Ah pets!
We have tried several dogs in the past, but they were too much for us to house train. We currently have a cat, yes ONE cat, and we love it! I agree with a previous post: cats do have a lot of similarities with hackers; and without any other local hackers to get together with it's nice not to be alone all the time. Plus cats are there for your all night hackathons!

We have had some other various pets in the past: Guinna pigs, mice, a bearded dragon and a few birds. But my favorite pet of the past would be...a rat. Yes, a RAT. But they are really good pets!

- WolfShield

I just got a new pet. Found this cat wondering the neighbourhood so I named her "soft kitty" and am going to keep her until I find her a home. (or at least the old home she is from) Nice cat it is.

i had a parakeet(Budgrigar) i named Henry. He learned how to meow like a cat. birds are not easy to keep alive. turtles are my favorite, but i feel guilty if i do not let them free.

I have a pet snail called Ashcroft.

I have a handsome german shepard, named Rocky. As you can tell... he rocks! :icon_wink:

I have yheyhe...The name of my dog. A man's bestfriend.

used to have hamsters and dog ..
until recently had a flowerhorn .. then flood came, ironically he drowned

I currently have three dogs, a lot of fish in the fish pond (swordtails, mollies, guppies, angels, hammerheads, janitors, a pig nosed turtle, and an alligator snapping turtle. I also have a pair of bettas in a small aquarium, and two baby bichirs and three black ghost knife fish in a large community tank. In a cage, I have three leopard geckos.

I used to have a lot of dogs (mostly chihuahuas), four big flowerhorns, two even bigger silver arowanas, two fortune lobsters, a cage full of lovebirds, a tank full of white mice, a guinea pig, a monkey, a wild cat, and a maina.

I have one cat, one hen, five roosters, and seven dogs...

you people don't have a pet/s, what you have is a zoo

I have one parrot- Mitthi, 5 fishes and one dog - Buzo

my wife brought home a dog that looks like a rat.

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I got a African Grey named bugzy :)

1 cat.
2 sugargliders

I have a couple of lovebirds. I let them loose in my house. Right now, one of them is chewing on my books, arrrgg gota go catch it!

@Habitual - sugar gliders. Hmm. Aussie?

Two cats at the moment. In 30 years we've had three Irish Setters, one Shepherd/Husky cross and two cats other than the current ones.

a cat, a dog, 3 fish, 2 kids and 2 grandkids.

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1 cat, 2 dogs (maltese and a black and tan havanese (we get the havanese about 1-2 months ago)