Hey guys... It's been a long time since I've been at the lounge (or the site, for that matter). The thing is, I've been a bit busy with some things going on. The thing is, I'm finally starting my own company. My IT Consultant and software developer company.

The thing is, I'm stuck in that place many of other entrepreneurs have seen themselves stuck for a while: what the hell will I name it? Well, in service of the community, I thing it might be good to start a name thread so that people like myself can stop by and take a hint for a cool name, in accordance to what they are looking for.

In my case, I came up with the name "INTECS, Intelligent Technological Solutions", though in my country the name Intecs was already taken (lucky me, huh?).

So, whaddaya say? Lets help some fellow IT guys in this awfully hard step :)

It's obvious isn't it. Call it "My Company" just like how your documents are in the "My Documents" directory and pictures are in the "My Pictures" directory so it makes sense to name a company "My Company".

According to your service, you may choose "IT Solution" as name of your company.

You could always call it "TLA Solutions"...

TLA = Three Letter Acronym

Electric Armories and Technology Developments for Public and Private Solutions for Today and Tomorrow, Now


newInnovation? IT-preneur? IT-innovatio? NovaIT?

You could call it "TECH SOLUTIONS"
Then your slogan could be; "Make IT work for you"