For the hundredth time I'm listening to Blackstone Legacy album (1971)
by Afro-American jazz trumpeter Woody Shaw (1944-1989) and I like it exclusively.

What kind of music I don't like is any sentimental music, so called "smooth" jazz, swing (in the 21st century it sounds too moth-eaten),
99.999% of rock music (excl. The Rolling Stones and smth like The Sex Pistols and The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers).

Also I don't like classical music (Boethoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi ("The Red Pope") etc).

My favorites are classical (especially violen and piano) and music written in 1940's to 1960's. I hate almost everything written after 1969 (such as hard/acid rock) as well as opera. I'm not fond of jaz but will listen to it occasionally.

Ancient Dragon,
I don't like 99% of jazz music.
Esp I don't like (in general) the sound of the saxophone (don't know why).
But I admire the jazz trumpet.

As for:

music written in 1940's to 1960's

Here I must agree with you.
But for me to listen to quartets by Shostakovitch (e.g.) is a very tough job.
It's a superb music but it exhausts me.

My very favorite composer is Tchaikovsky (Russian), the most brilliant composer the world has ever seen. Last summer I flew from my home to the Hollywoold Bowl in California (about 1500 miles) just to see his piano concharto No. 1 played.

Ancient Dragon, your musical taste is just excellent.
But I better prefer piano music by Sergei Rakhmaninov (btw, he helped with money Igor Sikorsky, -
all of you know the U.S.A. Air Force helicopters with letter "S" on them, -
Sikorsky went to Rakhmaninov (both, of course, already lived in America) and asked him to help to realize his crazy idea of helicopters (at the time this idea was considered as a crazy one) -
and, can you imagine?, Rakhmaninov gifted Sikorsky with ALL his savings;
PS: Pres. Eisenhower trusted only into the Sikorsky's choppers).

More about I. Sikorsky - how he became an ardent Cristian.
When he was 11 y.o. he dreamt one wonderful night dream that came to true many many years later,
in the sky above New-York City.

"To Esme - with love amd squalor" by Salinger.
I never read more a touching short story.

I love classic, OPM kinda oldies and some RnB.